Handmade Rhodolite Garnet Ring

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Rhodolite Garnets are an incredible talisman for emotional wisdom.  They sharpen our gifts of discernment and help us to distinguish between reality and our hopes and fear.

This stunning Rhodolite Garnet is set in sterling silver with a size 6 band. 

AUD $125.00 + Shipping 

Rhodolite Garnet connects our root and crown chakras so that we come into an easy alignment between what is most real and what is most inspired. It keeps our consciousness and subconscious deeply rooted in reality. This isn’t so we dream smaller dreams, but rather so that we can accurately assess what we’re working with and what needs to be done in order to make our loftiest dreams come true.

Rhodolite Garnet revels our life’s purpose. It might be a single, lifelong purpose. It might be an ever-changing purpose that fits each moment perfectly. In either case, Rhodolite Garnet helps us to make steady progress, enjoy the journey and to celebrate each success as it comes.

Rhodolite Garnet strengthens the voices of our spirit guides and our own heart’s yearning, so that we can hear and understand them very clearly. Its energy is serene, but not solemn. There is a lightness and a sparkle to Rhodolite Garnet that reminds us to smile often and to not take ourselves so seriously.

It encourages us to walk our path with a light heart and an easy mind, trusting that we are in tune and in balance, and that all will be well.