Viking Artisan Bracelet Cuff with Blue Topaz & Raw Blue Apatite

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Created from 3 separate pieces of wire; copper, bronze and sterling silver 3mm wide, this handmade mixed metal cuff has been handcrafted using a drill to create the twisted wire, a vice, cuff mandrel, and more. Set with a stunning blue topaz and raw blue Apatite. Weighing 18g and a diameter of 65mm that is slightly adjustable this artisan cuff can be dressed up or dressed down.

Viking cuffs were important symbols of status, community, family, tribe, loyalty, manhood and love. They were also worn to gain the protection and blessing of their Norse Gods.

Finds of bracelet fragments tell us that they were in fact a form of wearable currency rather than an oath ring. Vikings used a bullion economy, and they traded for goods and services in silver. It is believed that Vikings would cut off a piece of the silver bracelet in exchange for goods and services

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The Vikings smelted all sorts of fancy art pieces and jewelry from their hoards.

Worn by both men and women, Viking jewelry was mostly made of silver or bronze, with gold jewelry often reserved for the elite. Women wore brooches that fastened their clothes together, as well as necklaces. Men, on the other hand, wore rings.

These rings were not limited to fingers, but also worn about the wrists, arms, and neck. Warriors also adorned their weapons, especially the sword hilt.