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Part status symbol, part beauty, part power, part empowerment, part alchemy, I handcrafted this ring using a natural emerald cut Swiss Blue Topaz and a lovely floral ornate Vintage solid sterling silver teaspoon from the 19th Century. The Topaz is a whopping 26.60ct and the ring is a hefty 17.92g and a size 9.5-10.

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Born in 1920’s America, the Cocktail Ring is a bold statement, part rebellion, and part status symbol.

Oversized Gemstone rings were bought and worn by the new independent women of the time as women entered the workforce and earned their own money and were no longer dependent on fathers or husbands.

Worn on the right hand, the Cocktail ring sends a message to the world that it isn’t the message of an engagement ring, but more one that the wearer has purchased this incredible ring with her own money.

Blue Topaz reflects the energy of the mind and knowledge, stimulating one’s self-confidence and ability to learn and think through complex concepts and ideas. It inspires creativity, increases attention span and helps one achieve perfection in various projects and aspirations. It is a stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions, and ideal for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings.

Topaz is primarily used as a talisman to aid us in efforts to rid ourselves of bad habits and in efforts to overcome minor mental and physical ailments. It is also a powerful talisman when we want help to "stay the course" in an effort to make our lives better. It strengthens resolve - whether for dieting, exercising, or just keeping a hot temper under control.

Zodiac: Saggitarius  

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

Element: Air 

I have researched the history of the hallmarks of the vintage teaspoon: crown = Sheffield England; walking lion = purity of the silver 925; W = date 1914; JR = makers mark, Joseph Rogers; The Star and Maltese Cross = trademark.  

(Notes taken from “Under 5 Sovereigns – Joseph Rodgers & Sons Ltd, Sheffield, Cutlers to Their Majesties”)

Joseph Rodgers is perhaps rivaled only by George Wostenholm in terms of its importance to Sheffield cutlery and its fame around the world.

The mark of The Star and Maltese Cross was originally registered in March 1682 by Benjamin Rich. However, it is with Rodgers that this mark will forever be associated and they registered it in 1764. Around 1800, Rodgers’ product range broadened into razors, table cutlery, and scissors and in 1821 the firm was appointed cutlers to The Royal Family for the first time.